Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy

On the new triangle trade, and the surprising connection between modern slavery and ecological disaster.

Source: Your Phone Was Made By Slaves: A Primer on the Secret Economy



Consumr – Review products and physically scan things at the store to see comparisons, prices, other locations, etc.

Pinterest – of course, for the inner artsy in you..I highly recommend this website for a VARIETY of great topics! The internet never runs out!

The day you were born…

The day you were born, I have to admit I was not “all there”. First of all, having a PLANNED c-section isn’t exactly “better” for a person with high anxiety. I spent all week wondering “what if something goes wrong” “this is going to be embarassing having all those doctors looking at my insides” “what if she comes out a boy” “i’m not ready” (Even though I was) no, the waiting period was NOT fun. The day we had to leave, we were there as early as possible (neither of us could sleep), and I was in alot of pain. It was so surreal being there though. Looking back on it, it seems just a faded memory. The moment I laid eyes on you, I began to cry. You had to be the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday night together. I breast fed you, and then had to formula feed you as well. You didn’t sleep well at all, and were up every hour and a half crying for food. You were tiny and frail and sleepy and peaceful. I wouldn’t mind going back to that day. ❤

I could barely move around from my surgery, but I did anyway to spend some time with you. I was a new mom and still very scared…thinking “How do I do this?” Luckily, Daddy was right there by my side the whole time. He was a life-saver. When times get a little tough between us, I think back to the day you were born and remember that Daddy loves us both unconditionally. Such a sweet memory, the day you were born…


But did I know what I was doing? Nope. I wasn’t as “prepared” as I had originally thought. I still to this day am learning and learning and learning about babies. I am the mom pinning things on pinterest, researching baby psychology, gaining and giving advice between other parents. I’m the mom who changed her life to accommodate a little baby. Sometimes she’ll wake me up at 4 am and I get so frustrated I could scream, but I don’t. Unplanned as she was, but somehow, somewhere, something in me planned her out to ease that frustration inside of me…

Kim K Nude

Now this is a hot topic. Actually this seems to ALWAYS be a hot topic. For example, when this nude of hers hit the internet, it nearly broke. :O



Scandalous Kim K back at it again, this time with a different nude not shown, and it’s got people going nuts! But really, what is this all about? “Empowerment” is what she wants it to be about. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments!

Personally, I wouldn’t want my daughter of 5 months to grow up thinking that she HAS to show her body to feel empowered, but I must say I don’t see what all the hype is over the Kardashians. People claim they do nothing to be famous, yet all and each of those sisters have a talent, and Kim K being one as a successful business woman. People will disregard all of this when there is a sex tape and a few nudes involved. All I can say that is Kim K isn’t the first one to do things like this for publicity or whatever. Miley Cyrus has been there, Britney Spears has been’s just typical that people would get all hissy pissy over Kim K, but touch so lightly on other parts of the news. I want to teach my girl not to think that showing her body is what she HAS to do to feel good about herself. I want her to grow with talents and interests and hobbies and self-respect. But I certainly won’t bash Kim K for wanting something different in her life. We really can’t hide the corruption in the media from our children anymore. It’s there, it’s real, and well in this case, it’s naked..alot.

But should we be so prude-ish as to bash these celebrities for posting pictures of themselves to their OWN instagram? Should we let that family live their life, or does the harassment come with being famous? I want to know! Let me know your thoughts on Kim, Kanye, and the Kardashians!

Limited Edition “Into the Garden”

I’d just like to take a few minutes now that I’ve got my blog up and running to advertise some of the products from my Mary Kay catalogue. The set is here – just in time for Spring and it is to die for!

At 10.00 CAN, in order is sweet lilac, pink magnolia, and coral blossom nail polish.


Next, I have a compact of four eye colours, and three lip glosses as part of the “Into the Garden” collection – priced at 45.00 CAN. 


Now I’ve got some super-cute nail decals! These are fantastic and priced fantastically! 10.00 CAN.


Just in time for Mother’s Day, a pedicure set for 35.00 CAN.



And some oil-absorbing cloths for those extra-hot days! 8.50 CAN.


And finally the best part, the 20.00 CAN soap set! With three individually wrapped and specially scented bars included to make you feel beautiful this spring!



Thank you for your interest in Mary Kay. From time to time on my blog I will be advertising, NOT pushing my products. If anybody would like them and do not live in my area Saskatchewan, there will be a shipping fee. For everyone else, other arrangements will be made! 😀 I accept cash, paypal and e-transfer only.

Good Afternoon.

I’m a new mom, so naturally I’m busy.
I quite often don’t get time to myself, but in between all of the craziness of my life, I accumulate some “knowledge” – which is powerful in my opinion. I’ve learned to clean and cook fast and efficiently; I’ve learned to multi-task. I’ve learned (slight) patience, and as frustrating as it is to think “I’m not enough, or this isn’t how this was supposed to go…”, sometimes it happens. I’ve decided to write a blog not only to help the new (and old) moms, but to spread motivation and faith, to create a place where the average person can come to unwind..and of course promote my business! (Mary Kay Cosmetics) I believe we are more than our self-doubts make us to be, and that is the point of my blog. I want to share stories, recipes, DIY projects, advertisements and opinions, advice and tips/tricks, and random information that I, myself find interesting or, entertaining.
It’s a blog for everything.

It’s a blog for me, and for you. xoxo.